DICE Updates Battlefield 4 With Balancing, Fixes To Prepare For Second DLC

by Mike Futter on Jan 30, 2014 at 05:07 AM

DICE promised updates for Battlefield 4 in late January or Early February, and the content is starting to roll out. The patch includes a number of fixes, and the first of the balancing updates we reported on yesterday.

DMRs have been tweaked, for increased accuracy with sustained fire. On consoles, the fixes include reduced duration of black screen when spawning, repairs to a number of exploits, and minor crash fixes.

On PC, the update also includes support for AMD’s Mantle renderer, which should increase performance for those with AMD GPUs. The update also gives players on that platform more control over CPU and GPU performance.

DICE says that this update is intended to help prepare for the second expansion pack. A release date for that DLC will be revealed soon.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
The news that DICE is preparing for the second DLC rollout seems to indicate that EA has released the developer from its full-stop. Performance has been steadily increasing, but we’re at the three month mark, and DICE is still fixing crashing problems. That’s simply not acceptable.