Zork Classic Game Postmortem Announced For GDC

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 29, 2014 at 03:36 AM

Alongside Robotron: 2084, Zork has been announced as another of GDC's upcoming Classic Game Portmortems.

The postmortem on the classic text adventure game will be presented by the game's co-author and the co-founder of Infocom, Dave Lebling. The hour-long panel will discuss the challenges of creating Zork and the difficulty of publishing the game in the '70s. Lebling and colleagues Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Tim Aderson had to hand-pack the games in plastic bags in order to get it into the hands of consumers.

Other games that have been featured in GDC's Classic Game Postmortems include Ron Gilbert's Maniac Mansion, Jordon Mechner's Prince of Persia, and Peter Molyneux's Populous. This year will also have a postmortem on Robotron: 2084.

Our Take
The text adventure is a lost art. It's the silent film of the video games. It is hugely important to the industry as it stands today, but technology has made the genre obsolete. Hearing Lebling talk about the creation of one of text adventure's most popular games will undoubtedly be interesting.