Report: Nintendo President Iwata Firm That Nintendo Won’t Go Third Party, No Wii U Price Cut

by Mike Futter on Jan 29, 2014 at 01:49 PM

Nintendo is currently holding an investor briefing to discuss the financial challenges the company is currently facing. Chief among the topics are the discussions of Nintendo possibly abandoning living room hardware and putting games on other platforms.

Analyst David Gibson is present at the briefing and is translating in real time via Twitter. Gibson relays that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is firm in his position regarding Nintendo hardware. The company will not change it’s unified strategy of hardware and software, nor will it put games on other platforms. 

Nintendo will continue to develop living room hardware after the Wii U’s lifespan is over. Additionally, Gibson relays that the Wii U will not be receiving a price cut, and that the company must overcome the perception that it is a peripheral for the Wii.

[Source: @Gibbogame]


Our Take
Keep in mind that this news comes via rough translation being done quickly. However, the themes align with what we’ve come to expect from Nintendo. A Wii U price drop has been declined in the past. Third party software development doesn’t appeal to the publisher. Acknowledgement of the Wii U’s perception problem is familiar, but so is the the lack of a concrete plan to change that. I’m looking forward to hearing about action steps instead of goals.