DICE Details Upcoming Battlefield 4 Weapon Balancing

by Mike Futter on Jan 29, 2014 at 06:35 AM

In a new blog post, DICE has explained some of the upcoming tweaks that will further balance some of Battlefield 4’s weapons. The updates are planned for sometime in the near future.

DMRs will get a damage boost and a reduced accuracy penalty for sustained fire. These weapons are intended for mid- to long-range.

Pump action shotguns will get increased accuracy (nearly doubled). This makes up for a lack of accuracy-improving attachments. The MTAR (a carbine) has been given a long-range damage reduction to bring it closer to the rest of the class.

DICE is also fixing a problem with the way hip fire inaccuracy is applied. Currently, accuracy is calculated as hip fire until firing ceases, even if aiming is engaged. With the change, players will see slightly improved accuracy in these cases.

The heavy barrel, which provides an accuracy bonus, will now see that benefit applied while moving. Finally, there will be a timing change for sniper rifles. Now, snipers will not need to wait as long for full accuracy. DICE is careful to note that “quick scoping” is still not possible.

This balancing is separate from the items on which DICE has asked players to vote. For our take on that phenomenon, you can read our recent feature.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
I’m disappointed that sniper rifles have been improved. Snipers seem to have a significant advantage in battle that many players expected would be balanced out. 

Regardless, this kind of detail in narrative form (rather than bullets in patch notes) is helpful for players. I find these posts interesting as a chronicle of DICE’s endeavors to improve Battlefield 4.