Limited Early Access For Star Wars: Assault Team Announced

by Kimberley Wallace on Jan 28, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Anything with the Star Wars name easily grabs people's attention, and including a new mobile game, entitled Star Wars: Assault Team.

Disney Interactive and LucasArts have teamed up for the turned-based game that includes card-battle elements and is set in the Star Wars universe. Fans will collect their favorite characters, like Han Solo and Princess Leia, to take down baddies across the galaxy. The missions take place on planets and locations from the original Star Wars trilogy. Details are still thin on what else we can expect from the game. 

Star Wars: Assault Team releases this spring for iOS, Android, and Win8 devices, but Disney Interactive's latest blog post promotes limited early access in "select international markets" on iOS and Android. We'll have to keep checking back to see exactly what that entails. 


Our Take
For a game set for spring, I wish Disney would release some more details. Things always sound great in theory, but the gameplay will be the main draw, and we have yet to see how that plays out.