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XSplit Gamecaster Designed To Simplify PC Streaming And Recording

by Mike Futter on Jan 23, 2014 at 01:27 PM

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If you have ever tried to stream PC gameplay, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of XSplit. The XSplit broadcaster is fully featured software that provides a great deal of customization options to support images, text, and other inputs. A new offering from the company peels away the complexity for those simply looking to for streaming and recording options.

The new XSplit Gamecaster is a simplified version of the software that leaves features like streaming and recording intact, while eliminating the deeper customization. The purpose is to provide easier access to an audience, similar to how Twitch and recording are implemented on the PlayStation 4.

The software will be available on February 18 for those with an XSplit personal or premium account. A free version will be coming later. Those interested can sign up on SplitMediaLabs’ website to be notified when the software becomes available.


Our Take
I’ve used the XSplit Broadcaster a number of times, but only for the features that are offered in the Gamecaster. It wasn’t hard to configure, but it certainly had more functionality than I needed.

The concept of an overlay, similar to how Steam allows access to social features during a game, makes a lot of sense. Being able to fiddle with recording and streaming without alt-tabbing out of the game sounds like a solution many amateur streamers (myself included) have been looking for.