Smite Rolls Out New God, New Map

by Daniel Tack on Jan 15, 2014 at 09:25 AM

Third-person MOBA Smite will be getting a new patch this week that introduces Egyptian earth god Geb, a brand new Arena map, and a smattering of other changes. While Geb is an exciting addition to the god roster, the inclusion of a new “Night” Arena map that features manticores is the highlight of this patch. The open beta free-to-play title continues to see rather large content upgrades and enhancements on the way to a March release date.

Players that queue up for Arena mode will either get the “classic” version or the new night time version. The new map features new visuals and a manticore mechanic that adds additional kill incentives and goals.

When a team scores 10 player kills, a manticore will spawn and push toward an opponent’s gate. Should the manticore succeed, it’s worth a substantial 10 points. These “escort missions” will force team battles and combat, preventing arena matches from degenerating into conservative creep killing stalemates.

The patch is expected to go live late today or later this week.

[Source: Hi-Rez Studios]

Our Take
From a personal standpoint, Arena mode is one of the more compelling reasons to dedicate time to Smite over some of the other MOBA titles out there. It’s great to see that the map is getting some visual polish and variety.