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Even Funko's Cute Game Of Thrones Figures Make Joffrey Look Detestable

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 09, 2014 at 08:38 AM

When Telltale Games announced a partnership with HBO to bring a new Game of Thrones interactive experience to market, many people, Game Informer's Matthew Kato included, wondered if this developer could capture the harsh realism of the show. We won't know for certain until that game hits the market, but perhaps Funko's newly revealed Game of Thrones minifigure collection will ease your mind until that day arrives.

This is about as cute as Game of Thrones is going to get, and the figures still look fairly cool. And then there's Joffrey, a dead-eyed, whiny psycho-tot. This figure captures his unlikable essence, and is small enough to throw into a river. We don't know if the "crown" is removable, but regardless, if you are handy with Dremel, you'll be able to restore order.

The rarity chart below shows that Joffrey is fairly common. If you happen to get him when these figures release in March, please let us know what fate befalls him.