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Titanfall Design Maquettes To Appear In Art Gallery Showcase

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 08, 2014 at 04:31 AM

If you live in San Francisco and are interested in seeing some of character-design maquettes for Respawn's upcoming Titanfall, a handful of figures will be on display at the 1AM Art Gallery starting on Friday.

Joel Emslie, one of the lead designers on Titanfall says that the maquettes are the conceptual designs for the characters and titans that will eventually appear in the game when it releases later this year. Emslie says that one of the statues that will be included with the collector's edition of the game will also be in display.

The show is titled Clash of the Titans, and begins Friday January 10, and runs through February 1. Other maquettes will be on disaply outside of the figures from Titanfall including work from artists Winson Ma, Andy Piver, Kenny Wong, and RC Works, 1000toys, Psycho Customs, Zuno, Ligh BLACK, K13 Toys, Brac, Snow Corporation, makadi 3000, Anthony Mestas, Zsaszsays ltd., AX2 Studio, Crestone and others. For more on the show, you can head to 1AM's website.

For more images of some of the Titanfall maquettes that will be on display check out the gallery below. And for a deeper look at the maquettes, narrated by Emslie, watch our exclusive video feature.

[Source: 1AM Art Gallery, @Respawn]