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2K Sports Identifies Remaining Issues With NBA 2K14, Says Other Fixes Live

by Mike Futter on Jan 08, 2014 at 07:05 AM

Update: A new tweet from digital marketing director Ronnie Singh may offer hope for players still struggling with the MyTeam functionality in NBA 2K14. "A fix was put into MyTEAM late last night. How has that mode been the past 12 hours? #NBA2K14 Dev continues to monitor all feedback," comes the tweet from @Ronnie 2K 2K14. If you're playing the game but you've been struggling with MyTeam, it may be worth checking out the new fix. 


Original Story:

Many fans of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K14 have reached out to us to share problems they are having with the game. Issues have included missing saves for MyCareer and MyGM mode and an inability to play MyTeam at all.

2K Sports' digital marketing director Ronnie Singh shared via Twitter that the issues with the servers and connectivity problems preventing users from getting online have been fixed. "2 lingering #NBA2K14 items dev is working on- MyCAREER/MyGM sending ppl to main menu on XB1 & #ThePark connectivity #NBA2K14," he writes. "Thankfully we're getting back to normal everywhere else. Thanks again for being patient, stay tuned for more updates #NBA2K14"

Let us know if your experience has improved in the comments. We'll update on fixes for the remaining issues when we learn more.

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Our Take
It’s been a rough couple of months for companies with online games and even rougher for the customers that spent their money on those titles. Online game services are going to continue to be a hot-button issue in 2014, and developers and publishers need to step up their game quickly.