Sony To Combine Live TV And Video On Demand With New Service

by Matt Helgeson on Jan 07, 2014 at 06:42 AM

Sony is continuing its push towards cloud computing with a new media service that it claims will combine both live TV content, DVR, and video on demand services.

Sony Computer Entertainment's Andrew House revealed the ambitious plan at Sony's CES 2014 press conference. According to House, the video service will offer every type of content, from traditional live TV to on demand services that millions already use on the company's PlayStation consoles.

It will be interesting to see how Sony plans to either work with or circumvent traditional cable providers, who have traditional defended their exclusive right to live TV very strongly. The cloud aspects of the service are also interesting. According to House, you'll be able to access all your content - live, streaming, or recorded on DVR - on over "70 million" Sony devices. This would include TVs, game systems, phones, computers, and tablets.

This announcement seems to be teh result of a previous deal for live streaming television signed with Viacom in 2013.

Our Take:
Sony had lagged behind Microsoft in terms of service in the last generation, and it's coming out very strong in that area today. This, like the PlayStation Now annoucement, is very impressive - if it works as promised. Also, I wonder if Sony will be the first to get the TV networks to deliver content without the middle-man of local cable providers?