Humble Bundle X Features Papo & Yo And Joe Danger 2

by Matt Helgeson on Jan 07, 2014 at 10:23 AM

The tenth Humble Bundle is here and it features another great selection of indie games.

The Humble Bundle X, which partially benefits charity, features To The Moon, Joe Dangers 2: The Movie, Papo & Yo, and Runner 2. If you donate more than the average donation (which is $6.07 at the time of this writing), you'll get two more games: Reus and Surgeon Simulator 2013. Each game also comes with an original soundtrack.

Purchase Humble Bundle X at the official site.

Our Take:
The Humble Bundle is a great cause and a great deal. Plus, the Steam sale is over so you might as well add a few more games to the 27 games you bought but haven't played yet.