Reader Discussion: How Are You Kicking Off Your 2014 Gaming Year?

by Mike Futter on Jan 01, 2014 at 04:19 AM

Now that 2013 is in the history books and 2014 is here, our gaming lives are largely a blank slate. Our lists of played and completed titles are an empty canvas, and we’re interested in how you’ll start filling them color.

Yesterday, we asked you how you’d close out 2013. The answers were varied, encompassing games on the new consoles, MOBAs, and handheld titles new and old. 

There were lots of you playing Borderlands 2, but my favorite response came from reader “rustychainsaw2147.” He spent his evening playing the “Tiny Tuna” DLC for Gearbox’s shoot-and-loot sequel. C’mon, Gearbox and 2K. Make that happen.

Let us know how you’ll be ringing in the new year. Are you starting something fresh, or will you be wrapping up something you were playing in 2013.