Humble Bundle Winter Sale Extended To January 3

by Mike Futter on Dec 31, 2013 at 08:19 AM

Did you miss a sale on the Humble Store or Steam this week? Are you kicking yourself for missing low prices on Gone Home, Papers, Please, Guacamelee!, or Rogue Legacy? Humble Bundle is giving you a second chance, but you’ll need to move quickly.

The best selling games of the Humble Bundle Winter Sale are discounted once more through January 3, 2014.  All of the purchases can be redeemed on Steam, and 10 percent of proceeds are donated to charity. 

Note that Europa Universalis is discounted to $9.99 from its regular price of $39.99, but that price won’t last. You only have until tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern to cash in on that offer.

[Source: Humble Store]


Our Take
With a lot of this year’s indie gems back on sale in the Humble Store, it’s worth checking out. Be sure to scroll down and tab through the different pages as there are far more offers than appear in the graphics. And, since some of the titles are available in DRM-free versions, you’ll have some options that you wouldn’t have elsewhere.