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Reader Discussion: Have You Ever Taken A Gaming Sabbatical?

by Jeff Cork on Dec 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Like many of you out there, we’re on our holiday break. And like many of you, we’re using a nice chunk of the time to play some games. That got us wondering something though: Have you ever taken a significant break from gaming?

For the sake of discussion, let’s consider a break to be anything longer than six months. Yes, it’s an arbitrary period of time. It’s my discussion, however, so I get to make the rules. Have any of you taken a break of that length or longer? If so, why? Was it because of work or educational commitments? Were you spending what you (or someone else) considered to be too much time playing games, and so you went on a hiatus?

Personally, I took some time off during my senior year of college. I made time for Mario Party sessions with my roommates, but I didn’t have a lot of free time to spend on longer, single-player games. I’ve caught up on some of the games I missed during that time, such as Metal Gear Solid (so old), but I still have a few blind spots in the tail end of the PlayStation era. 

Your turn.