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No Man's Sky Developer's Insurance Won't Cover Recent Flood

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 28, 2013 at 08:51 AM

Details are still scarce on what the future holds for Hello Games after its offices were hit by a flood, but the latest update doesn't offer much optimism.

Hello Games has been keeping fans up to date on its twitter account with continued updates about what is happening. A couch has been declared unsittable, but a car thought lost to the waters has been discovered. Also, the sun is shining. Unfortunately, the truly bad news is that the insurance company won't cover the damages because the office was in a "flood risk zone."

The bright side of the lack of insurance, according to Hello games, is that it can re-enter the building to begin the recovery process on all of its equipment without having to wait for an insurer to come look.

A river breaking through its banks on December 24 caused Hello Games' offices to flood, effectively destroying much, if not all of its computer equipment. The studio hasn't revealed the state of its highly anticipated game, No Man's Sky yet, most likely because it does not know the extent of the damage yet.

[Source: @hellogames, via Kotaku]


Our Take
Hello Games does not have to offer frequent updates about the state of its studio, but I am thankful it has been on twitter. We're all glad to know that everyone is safe and appears to be generally optimistic, despite everything that has happened. We're all hopeful that work on No Man's Land won't be set too far back, and I am sure Hello Games will let us know the state of things as soon as they do.