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[Update] Nintendo Posts Job Listing For IT Architect Prior To Major Network Downtime

by Mike Futter on Dec 27, 2013 at 05:17 AM

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Update: A reader pointed us toward some information that suggests Nintendo first posted its IT Architect job on its own website earlier than we originally believed. Our initial information about when the job posting hit Careers 2.0 is correct. However, Nintnedo first put out the call earlier in December.

Our initial report (and source) on the timing did not paint the complete the picture. A job listing was shared via the @JobsAtNintendo Twitter account at 4:47 PM Eastern on December 24. This Twitter account was dormant after a two month lapse until eleven days ago. Digging deeper into Nintendo's own job site reveals that the position was originally listed on December 11, 2013. Game Informer apologizes for the error.


Original Story:

Nintendo has had its share of troubles this week. Starting on Christmas morning, the Wii U and 3DS platforms suffered widespread outages. This spread to the Wii and DSi systems, with the eShop storefront completely inaccessible.

While things seem to be better right now, Nintendo is bringing the eShop down later today for 12 hours. Clearly, something went wrong, and it looks like the company is staffing up a bit to make sure it is better prepared in the future.

Nintendo has today posted a job description for an information technologies architect. Among the many elements of the position, this employee will be tasked with “optimiz[ing] systems design across technology areas for future flexibility, performance, multi-tier behaviors, capacity, and scalability.”

For more on the ongoing server problems facing gamers this holiday, visit our tracking page. You can also read about the eShop downtime in detail and the Pokémon Bank delay in the west.

Thanks to Nick for the tip.

[Source: Careers 2.0]


Our Take
The first step in recovery is recognizing you have a problem. Whether this was planned before the holiday or not, it’s good to see that Nintendo is bringing on at least one new hire to help get the network in better shape. This problem not only affects gamers, but the developers and publishers on the eShop who are missing out on sales during a crucial part of the year. Nintendo needs to do right by its partners and its customers, and this is the first step.