Christmas Comes To Los Santos In GTA Online

by Mike Futter on Dec 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM

While some unethical players might be making it rain GTA$, Rockstar is opting for a more seasonal form of precipitation. If you log into Grand Theft Auto Online on Christmas, you might find a chance of flurries with your guarantee of getting run over by another player.

Additionally, Rockstar has added holiday-themed items to the clothing stores and Vespucci Movie Masks. You can find Santa hats and masks, elf jackets, reindeer antlers, snowman masks, and more. You have until January 5 to buy your festive attire before they go back into the Rockstar vault.

Through January 5, players can also find discounts on cars, weapons, and apartments. Explosives are half-price, luxury cars are 30 percent off, and Tinsel Towers apartments are 25 percent off. There’s more to be found in the clothing stores, too.

Finally, Rockstar is inviting players to take holiday selfies. The Snapmatic app on your in-game phone now has new filters, borders, and facial expressions to choose from. You can also turn your photo into a meme. If you tag your pictures with #XmasInLosSantos, you might be featured in the Newswire in January. 

Don’t worry if you miss out on this. The new Snapmatic features won’t be leaving after the holiday is over.

[Source: Rockstar]


Our Take
This news provides a nice counterpoint to the unfortunate money glitching we shared earlier. It’s worth signing into GTA Online just to get the holiday gear before it’s gone. And if you happen to rob a convenience store or get into a death match while you’re there, then just tell your family that you’re “spreading some cheer.”