Reports Of Xbox One DRM ‘Inaccurate And False’ Says Microsoft

by Mike Futter on Dec 18, 2013 at 06:08 AM

Last night, reports of lingering Xbox One DRM emerged based on a video of an offline Killer Instinct tournament. The video depicts the Xbox One returning to the home screen mid-match and then displaying an error message referencing a licensing issue. We reached out to Microsoft to find out what’s going on and received a definitive statement.

“As we have said previously, there is no DRM check-in every 24 hours,” a representative told us via email. “Reports that say otherwise are inaccurate and false.” The video in question is inconclusive, showing an error message.

You can watch that clip for yourself here.


Our Take
Given that this is the only report we’ve seen of lingering DRM, we believe that there is context missing. There is nothing in the video that suggests that the Xbox One hadn’t been connected for 24 hours (as some reports had suggested) or that the licensing issue wasn’t due to the owner of the game playing on an Xbox One that wasn’t his and then logging out (rendering the game license-less).