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Golf Added For Wii Sports Club

by Matthew Kato on Dec 18, 2013 at 02:27 AM

An HD remake of the original Wii Sports golf has been added to Wii U's Wii Sports Club.

The sport joins bowling and tennis as part of Nintendo's continuing roll out of HD/upgraded versions of some of the original sports from Wii Sports.

This version of the sport looks better, and has upgrades such as the ability to look at your ball in the first-person on your Wii U GamePad while teeing off (i.e. put the GamePad on the floor), onscreen info like being able to preview the course and see the wind speed, draw/fade, as well as nine new holes from an older Famicom golf title.

Golf will be available later this morning, and if your system is updated and has enough space, a tile will automatically appear on your Wii U dashboard. A free 24-hour trial is available for all the sports, even if you've already participated in a previous free trial.