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Reader Discussion: Do You Buy And Play Early Access Games?

by Mike Futter on Dec 16, 2013 at 09:03 AM

With today’s announcement that DayZ is available in standalone form via Steam Early Access, we want to get your feedback on the phenomenon. Paid alpha access is becoming more common, so we’re wondering if you’ve ever paid for pre-release titles.

In addition to DayZ, Kerbal Space Program, Wasteland 2, Starbound, Nuclear Throne, and Planetary Annihilation are some of the more notable titles using the system. Even big publishers are getting in on the action, though. Ubisoft's Might & Magic X Legacy is one of the 101 titles currently participating.

If you have purchased an Early Access title, what was your experience like? Did you get your money’s worth, or did you feel like it wasn’t a good use of time and cash? Let us know in the comments!