Minecraft Comes To PlayStation 3 December 17

by Mike Futter on Dec 16, 2013 at 04:50 AM

Minecraft has put up huge numbers on PC and Xbox 360 (blasting past 10 million copies sold on Microsoft’s platform recently). Now, another group is going to get its hands on Mojang’s blocky masterpiece.

Starting tomorrow, PlayStation 3 players can download Minecraft. This new version features everything from the other console versions. 

Downloadable skins and textures are coming soon, and there is hope for PlayStation-specific content. (Kratos and Nathan Drake would make great Minecraft characters, wouldn’t they?)

PlayStation 4 and Vita versions are also in the works. Mojang suggests that those will be coming next year. You can read our review of the most comparable edition, the one found on Xbox 360, here.

[Source: PlayStation Blog] 


Our Take
Minecraft is the new Tetris or Pac-Man. It’s going to be the title that’s available wherever you want it, whenever you want it. I’ve not yet been bitten by the bug, but seeing some of the amazing creations out there, I’m definitely tempted to try my hand at it.