Deep Silver And Volition Raise Money For Child's Play With Saints Row IV DLC

by Mike Futter on Dec 12, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Saints Row IV might be a game for mature adults, but developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver are using it to raise money for kids in need. The Child’s Play pack offers in-game items themed after classic toys. All proceeds go to the Child’s Play charity, which raises money to support sick children and their families during hospital stays.

The DLC includes two costumes and one vehicle. The outfits let players dress up as a Digital Dino or Robochimp, and the vehicle is a “retro rocket.”

This pack is available exclusively for the PC, and costs $2.99. For more information on Child's Play, visit the charity’s website. You can also read our review of Saints Row IV.


Our Take
If you’re playing Saints Row IV on PC (and even if you’re done with it and don’t plan on going back), $2.99 isn’t a lot to ask in support of a good cause. Kudos to Deep Silver and Volition on this initiative.