[UPDATE] Destiny Beta Code Giveaway #3

by Matt Miller on Dec 11, 2013 at 06:26 AM

Update: The winners have been chosen for this giveaway and have been sent their Destiny beta codes through messaging. If you didn't get a code, there will be one final chance. On Thursday, December 12, look for another giveaway and answer the question in the comments to win one of 25 beta codes for Destiny.

We’re spending the whole month highlighting everything we know about Bungie’s online multiplayer shooter, Destiny. We’ve already talked about matchmaking and competitive multiplayer, but today we’re curious about your input, and learning what enemy race people are most stoked to confront. We’ll choose 25 random respondents to receive a beta code for Destiny. Codes will be sent out on Wednesday, December 11th.

Like its previous work on Halo, Bungie has crafted alien species that each have their own distinct sub-groups and specialties. However, Destiny features not two but four distinct alien races to battle, each of which has carved out its own place in the solar system. We go into detail on each of these alien sub-groups in this month’s cover story, but we’re curious about which overall race you’re most interested in. 

The Fallen are a nomadic race of space pirates who scavenge and kill their way across the solar system. The Cabal are a militaristic species of hulking space rhinos defined by their fixation on industry and order. The Vex are an enigmatic collection of robotic creatures plucked out of time, with enigmatic motivations and deadly lasers. And the Hive are undead creatures from outer space, traveling the void in vast tomb-like ships. 

Which enemy are you most eager to take on? 

If you receive a code, you’ll need to head to Bungie’s redemption page. And if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to sign up for a Bungie account. Then just input your code to lock your slot in the beta. NOTE: Your code is not platform specific. Testers will be able to choose which platform to play on as we get closer to beta launch.

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