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Sony Patent Filing Appears To Be New PlayStation Move Controller

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 10, 2013 at 04:34 AM

A Sony patent filing recently surfaced online, and looks to be a modified version of the Move controller intended to be used with the PlayStation 4.

In general, the controller looks almost identical to the current Move - with one major exception. The picture (above) and the patent filing details a large "touch surface" located below the X button on the unit, much like the touch pad on the new DualShock 4.

[Source: CVG]

Our Take:
I'd wondered if Sony was going to make a next-gen Move controller, as it did have a camera peripheral ready for launch. This patent filing appears to answer that question in the affirmative. I have no problem with the current Move; it works just fine, and I imagine that some technological refinements will mean that the new one works ever better. However, I'm not sure that an aftermarket peripheral of this sort is really going to resonate with consumers. Frankly, I wonder if this is worth the time, money, and investment of resources for Sony.