Terraria Heading To PlayStation Vita This Month

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 08, 2013 at 07:08 AM

Terraria, the popular 2D Minecraft-esque building and digging sim, is coming to PlayStation Vita next week.

The game has been available since April on consoles, and even longer on PC, and the Vita version of the game will be available on December 17. The game will be Cross Play compatible allowing PlayStation 3 players to share their saves with the Vita version of the game, but you will have to download the next update in order to make that happen.

In the post on Terraria's forums announcing the release date, players are told to keep an eye on the PlayStation blog for more information.

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[Source: Terraria, via Joystiq]

Our Take
I love seeing these popular independent games make their way to Sony's handheld platform. Games like Hotline Miami, which is admittedly different than Terraria, but also independent, played really well on the Vita, and I bet Terraria feels great, too.