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Which Assassin Would Win In A Fight?

by Matt Miller on Dec 06, 2013 at 08:25 AM

Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, Aveline, Edward, and Desmond – we’ve spent years accompanying them through one death-defying adventure after the next. Each one of these heroes brings their own unique abilities to the table, from Ezio’s disarming charm to Aveline’s disguise skills and on through Connor’s tree-hopping survival abilities. 

But there can be only one.

Which one of these hidden blade-wielding killers would reign supreme in a fight to the death? Would Edward use the sound of cannon fire to hide his advance on Desmond? Would Altaïr use the Apple of Eden to control Connor’s mind and send him leaping off a cliff? Or perhaps one of the lesser known assassins would enter as a dark horse to steal the win, like Edward's quartermaster, Adéwalé, or the Russian assassin, Nikolai Orelov, from the comics. 

Tell us your scenario for how the fight would go down, and let us know the ultimate winner in the comments below.