[UPDATE] Destiny Beta Code Giveaway #2

by Matt Miller on Dec 06, 2013 at 06:10 AM

Update: Thanks for commenting! The winners for these Destiny Beta codes have been chosen and will be sent their codes through messaging shortly. If you were unable to win, there will be another chance. Leave a comment in a new giveaway on Tuesday and you might win one of 25 additional codes.

Earlier this week, we announced our new cover story on Bungie’s sprawling action/shooter, Destiny. Tell us in the comments below what class/race combo you’re most excited about trying out, and we’ll pick 25 random respondents to receive a free beta code for Bungie’s upcoming test. Codes will be sent out on Friday, December 6th.

During our visit to Bungie, we had the chance to try out each of the three different classes – the sharpshooting Hunter, armored Titan, and mystical Warlock. Each of the three classes offers a different familiar archetype to explore. 

We also discussed Destiny’s three playable races. Each offers a cosmetically distinct choice that won’t affect gameplay. The Humans are survivors of a terrible collapse of the solar system’s civilization. The Awoken are fellow survivors, but they’ve been dramatically altered, making them aloof and vaguely otherworldly. Finally, the Exo race are self-aware machines from humanity’s golden age, reawoken without any memory of their original purpose. Which one appeals to you?

If you receive a code, you’ll need to head to Bungie’s redemption page. And if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to sign up for a Bungie account. Then just input your code to lock your slot in the beta. NOTE: Your code is not platform specific. Testers will be able to choose which platform to play on as we get closer to beta launch.

Didn’t receive a code? We’ll have a third chance to win access to the beta on Tuesday, December 10th. 

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