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Reader Discussion: Which DLC Has Been Worth Your Money?

by Mike Futter on Nov 27, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Earlier today, we asked you how feel about microtransactions. The sudden surge of the monetization method in retail titles with up-front prices has drawn the ire of the community lately.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

I will never, especially for a game that I already paid full price on. If you are buying their xp/items/"give us your money" packs to get through the game quicker, you are playing the game wrong. - Elwaldorf

They should never, ever, stinkin never, never forever be in retail games. If they're in a free to play game then they should only be cosmetic. - Arparagus

I tend not to buy microtransactions.  I will occasionally get large pieces of DLC, and that's about it.  And even that's rare. - ResidentHazard

Usually, none. But if there's a "fluff" item I really want that doesn't cost too much, I'll buy it. - Bionic Gamer

The only time I've ever spent money on microtransactions is on weapon skins for gow3. I wouldn't mind spending on free to play titles if it was reasonable, but really I would just love it if I could pay 60$ for a complete game. Hasn't happened in a while though. - Kilo0986

I try to stay away from them, but sometime I buy skins and cosmetic items. Also, if it's a free game that I really enjoy, I make sure to throw a few bucks to the developer through microtransactions as support. - Zachary Pligge

I'm cool with micro-transactions for Free to Play games, you know what you're getting into I suppose.  I'm also good with them on other games as cosmetic features (I've bought a few), but I don't like altering MP balance with a purchase. - endodoug

Full games are already 69.99 and 79.99euro in Europe, I do not want to see any microtransactions for full priced games. - AlexCGart

None. But I've bought skins and stuff as parts of reasonably priced DLC. - Cyruz

I work at a small mobile game company that has to rely on microtransactions, and even I never buy them. I just don't see the appeal from a consumer's point of view. - Clem_E_Todd

Free to play with microtransactions is a dead end imo.  It can work in isolated ways I think but it largely is not in service to the gamer or experience, a pretty fundamental problem for a game. - JKVam

Now we want to know about your past DLC purchases. We’re looking at the broader landscape beyond microtransactions. Which expansions have been the best value for you? Which have enriched your gameplay experience? What DLC has been better than you expected, and which has let you down.

Let us know in the comments about your DLC experiences. Maybe you’ll help point other members of the community toward something great.

Thanks to reader Gard for the idea for this reader discussion.