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Reader Discussion: What Are You Playing Over The Break?

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 27, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Maybe you're about to take a few days off for Thanksgiving. Maybe you're in the middle of it. We just want to know what you're playing with your non-work time.

The Thanksgiving break has always been a time for me to dig into my backlog, or spend a huge amount of time on one recently released game I have been saving for the perfect opportunity. Also, with family visitation, etc. I always find myself playing a lot of handheld games.

This year however, I'll be digging into the Xbox One, with ill-fated plans to finish up Grand Theft Auto V and Arkham Origins. I've got quite a bit of fighting left to do with Batman, and with Grand Theft Auto V, I only have a few missions, but something tells me I'll end up playing the Xbox One more than anything else.

What about you? Are you playing something new? Are you playing something next-gen? Or are you spending more time with an MMORPG or a MOBA that you just can't seem to put down? If you're looking to catch-up some quality games you may have missed, we'll have plenty of suggestions for you starting tomorrow.