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Classic Activision Action Figures Are The Real American Heroes

by Mike Futter on Nov 27, 2013 at 08:20 AM

In the action figure world, you’d call what Dan Polydoris does “kitbashing” (the act of repurposing and redesigning action figures). In the video game world, we’d call it “correcting a decades old error.”

The classic Activision action figures above have all been created out of various parts of original G.I. Joe toys. The astute observer will recognize Cobra Commander, General Hawk, and even Breaker’s iconic backpack.

These figures represent Pitfall Harry (Pitfall), Short-Order Sam (Pressure Cooker), Officer Kelly (Keystone Kapers), Frostbite Bailey (Frostbite), and Roderick Hero (H.E.R.O.). You can get a closer look at each of these figures in custom packaging that shows off the original box. You can also read up on Activision badges, one of the original achievement systems, in a recent feature.

[Source: Chicago Toy Collector via Engadget]