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Video Game Stained Glass Art

by Katie Seville on Nov 26, 2013 at 12:52 PM

Artist Rick Daniels runs a shop called "MartianGlasswork" on Etsy, where he sells a variety of stained glass panels he's created. His amazing glass work seems even more impressive when you learn that he's entirely self-taught, and started only about two years ago.

Most of his work is related to video games, but he's also done pieces inspired by television shows, such as Doctor Who, and other sources. Many of his works are understandably expensive, but his shop does have plenty of pictures to stare at free-of-charge.

This huge Metroid stained glass panel is one of the most beautiful items in the shop.

Click to enlarge.

For more of Daniels' art, visit the MartianGlasswork website, Facebook page, or Etsy shop, where he also offers print versions of some stained glass designs. You can also check out our previous coverage to see other video game-inspired crafts