Call Of Duty: Ghosts Off To Strong Next-Gen Start

by Mike Futter on Nov 26, 2013 at 07:20 AM

Despite its availability on current-generation consoles (or perhaps because of it, thanks to an upgrade program), Call of Duty: Ghosts is off to a great start on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The title has racked up a number of superlatives since the November 15 launch of the PlayStation 4.

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the most played Xbox One multiplayer game around the world, the top-selling Xbox One game at retail in North America, the top selling standalone software title in the UK (which excludes FIFA 14 packed into every box), the most played PlayStation 4 game, and the top-selling PS4 game at North American retailers. The retailer list includes, Best Buy, GameStop (Disclosure: Game Informer’s parent company), Target, and Walmart.

Additionally, Activision has provided some details on multiplayer usage. Over 1 billion multiplayer matches have been played across the versions, resulting in 2.2 million prestiges and 3.3 trillion experience points.


Our Take
Every year we have this little competition in the industry. Which military shooter is going to come out on top? Will it be the heavyweight, Call of Duty, or the challenger, whatever EA is bringing to the table?

Activision continues to deliver every year, and Call of Duty is consistently stable in-game from the moment it launches. As we mentioned this morning, EA continues to have problems on PlayStation 4, even after patching the game. Furthermore, DICE has stated it won’t be implementing a pre-match party system, something crucial for allowing people to play together.

We’d love to be able to put Call of Duty up against Battlefield, but right now, only one of them works the way it’s supposed to. Perhaps that’s one reason people are still gravitating toward Call of Duty year after year.