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Weekend Warrior 11/22/2013

by Katie Seville on Nov 22, 2013 at 01:00 PM

This weekend, many of the Game Informer editors are playing Xbox One and PS4 games, and getting some well-earned rest after weeks of covering console launch news. None of the interns can afford to buy a next-gen console, and will be playing other games this weekend.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to finish off another dungeon or two in that little Zelda game. Outside of that, I'm going to start mining green stars in Super Mario 3D World. It's so gosh darn good, I'm hoping to 100% the thing. Have a good weekend!

Tim Turi: This is an insanely busy time to be an editor at a video game outlet. In preparation for our Top 50 Games of the Year list, I’m going to be diving into as many different titles as possible for preparation. This means spending extended time with games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Tearaway, Device 6, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Ni no Kuni, and many more. It’s a wonderful, magical, and extremely busy time for Game Informer right now.

Kyle Hilliard: Some next-gen stuff. Some Grand Theft Auto V, because I still haven’t beaten it. Maybe a viewing of The World’s End with director commentary? Maybe a nap.

Jeff Marchiafava: Thanks to Kyle deciding to cancel his pre-order at the eleventh hour, last week I became the proud papa of a new PS4. This weekend I plan on continuing to make my way through the next-gen lineup. First up is finishing off Knack (which I’m enjoying), after which I’m going to try out NFS Rivals and Battlefield 4. I also want to try out more of the PS4’s free games: Resogun, Contrast, and maybe a little Blacklight: Retribution.

Isaac Perry: The Banner Saga piqued my interest this week. The full game releases in January, but I’ve been trying out a free-to-play variety that focuses completely on the strategy. Despite its less than stellar reception from critics, I enjoy it, and I like the 60s style art direction. Shoot me. Besides that I’ll probably revisit my library. Play Diablo 3. Maybe see what treasure I’ve forgotten about since I last purchased it during a Steam craze.

Mike Trinh: I just beat the Pokémon League this week so I’ll try to spend the next couple of days building up my team in Pokémon X. I will definitely finish Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes this weekend too. I’ve been steadily chipping away at the one for weeks now. Any spare time will be spent on GTA Online.

Mike Futter: I will be playing Warframe on PlayStation 4. Because space ninjas are cool.

Andrew Reiner: My weekend is a mixture of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag single player and Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer. I also plan on live streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall at night on my PlayStation 4 Twitch channel Madlogan007.

Joe Juba: I started Ni No Kuni, and now I'm pretty hooked. I'm about 10 hours in, and find it addictive and charming, so I'm going to keep working on that this weekend. I may also take some time to play more Assassin's Creed IV on PS4…though I still haven't finished Ace Attorney, so maybe I can make room for that, too.

Katie Seville: I want to play A Link Between Worlds this weekend, so I hope Amazon delivers that soon. Apart from that, I finally beat the champion in Pokémon Y. I have some future teams planned, and a number of Pokémon I want to raise. I won’t have the money to buy an Xbox One or a PS4 for many, many, many months, but I have a massive backlog of games to play anyway. I recently downloaded Banjo-Kazooie for the XBLA, and I’m almost done collecting everything – something I gave up on doing as a child that’s haunted me ever since. I hope to get some BioShock Infinite in as well.