FIFA 14 On Xbox One Has A Couple Of Major Bugs

by Mike Futter on Nov 22, 2013 at 05:06 AM

If you’ve been playing FIFA 14 on Xbox One for the past few hours, you may have encountered a couple of nagging bugs. There are a two currently identified that could severely hamper your experience, but there are simple ways to avoid them.

EA has posted a notice on its website about these two errors. The first it has dubbed the “controller bug.” If you’ve got two controllers connected with both assigned to a different profile you could end up with a crash. This typically occurs when the second controller is used to navigate menus.

The other bug suspends the game on the title screen. Should you do that or let the console become inactive, online features will be disabled until the system goes through a reboot.

Other crashes can occur in a co-op match when one captain has a custom formation set and the other does not. Additionally, there is a problem with gifting the Seasons Win item in EA Sports FC. Voice command improvements are also coming.

[Source: EA]


Our Take
EA has had its share of problems on the new consoles. Battlefield 4 continues to crash on PlayStation 4, and now FIFA 14 has a couple of glaring bugs. Hopefully the publisher gets its act together quickly.