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The Ultimate Console Wars Battle Draws Near In Part Two Of South Park's Epic Story

by Mike Trinh on Nov 21, 2013 at 08:57 AM

Things are heating up in the latest episode of South Park, in which the battle between the Xbox One and PlayStation approaches the small Colorado town.

In the episode, called "A Song of Ass and Fire," the heads of Microsoft and Sony join the fight to help the kids on their quest to get next-gen consoles on Black Friday. Last week, the group splintered, with half wanting to get Xbox Ones and the other wanting PlayStation 4s.

The group that wins determines which console will be the next king, causing Microsoft and Sony to become more invested. For now, things are looking dire for the PlayStation 4.

Unlike last week, a larger part of the episode is aimed at parodying Game of Thrones for its gratuitous nudity and betrayal.

South Park is taking a break next week but will return on December 4, presumably to conclude this console war story. I hope the Wii U or PC become involved as well.

Check out a preview for the episode below and go to South Park Studios to watch the entire episode for free.