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GameStop: 2.3 Million Gamers Signed Up For Next-Gen Console Information

by Matt Bertz on Nov 21, 2013 at 08:02 AM

Update: Our original story, based off the transcript of the call, referenced a PlayStation 4 waiting list of 2.3 million. Ars Technica has received clarification on the information from GameStop. The 2.3 million figure represented the number of individuals that signed up on notification lists for both next-generation consoles. 


Original Story:

Sony moved more than a million consoles, and according to GameStop, it's due to move even more by the end of the quarter.

During its earnings call today, GameStop revealed its allocation of consoles is already gone, with 2.3 million customers having registered on the company's "First To Know" lists for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (Disclosure: GameStop is the Game Informer parent company). Despite this good news, GameStop share prices have fallen $3.38 at the time of this writing to $49.06.


Our Take:
This is great news for Sony, who couldn't afford the same slow start the PlayStation 3 suffered through, and for the greater gaming industry. All eyes will be on which console manufacturer can move the most units through the holidays, but the high demand probably dictates that whoever can ship the most consoles will win the first round of a multi-year battle. As with most every generational battle, we ultimately expect the console with the best game library to win.