EA Will Not Be Making Star Wars Movie Games

by Mike Futter on Nov 20, 2013 at 04:40 AM

In a presentation at the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen discussed details about the publisher’s upcoming Star Wars titles. With a new series of movies slated for release in 2015, many wondered if EA would be handling tie-in titles.

“We’ve done movie games over the years and we wanted to make sure that we weren’t doing a movie game, i.e., game based on the movie,” Jorgensen says. “The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it's so broad and so deep, you don’t have to do a movie game, you can do a game that's very focused on the world that's been created around Star Wars.”

[Source: Seeking Alpha]


Our Take
Movie-based games don’t have great reputations, and I’m happy to see that EA won’t be shoehorning them in. Give me Star Wars Battlefront and games with original stories in the expanded universe, and I’m happy. Force feed me another Phantom Menace, and we’re through.