Black Mesa To Be Sold On Steam

by Isaac Perry on Nov 19, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Black Mesa, which was among the first games to be Greenlit on Steam, will soon be available on Steam as a retail product. The free Half-Life 2 mod remade the original Half-Life, bringing the first chapter of Valve’s revolutionary franchise up to par with modern shooters.

The collection of Half-Life fans that make up the Black Mesa development team hasn’t given up on the modding community. After the game’s launch, a new free version of the game and some of the game’s assets will be released.

You can read their announcement on the Black Mesa forum here. They detail their short and long-term plans in celebration of the 15 year anniversary of the Half-Life’s release.

Our Take
This is great news for the Black Mesa team. As they say in their forum post, purchasing the game is purely about supporting their team. Black Mesa was in development for eight years before it launched as a free mod. And it’s free marketing for Valve. 

Black Mesa, a remake of a Valve game, will be sold through Valve’s digital distribution platform by someone other than Valve. Instead of squashing the project as soon as the lawyers got wind of it, Valve shows its support for its community.