2K Sports Clarifies Audio Issues With NBA 2K14 Streaming

by Mike Futter on Nov 19, 2013 at 11:13 AM

A number of readers have reached out to us to inquire about NBA 2K14’s missing audio while streaming. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that is an intentional move.

A 2K Sports representative tells us that the audio is not included via stream because of licensing issues. We’ve followed up to find out if this is simply the music or if the recorded interviews are included in this. We also inquired about a possible patch that might automatically drop out licensed content and making streams more enjoyable.

As a point of reference, Volition Games included an option to record gameplay on PC in Saints Row: The Third. When the video was buffering in the background, the licensed music dropped out. Here's hoping something similar can be implemented in console titles with licensed audio. 


Our Take
It’s unfortunate that the audio is turned off entirely when streaming NBA 2K14. Casting without any game audio requires a good personality to make interesting. NBA 2K14 is too pretty to keep to yourself. Here’s hoping there’s a solution if not for this year, then the next installment.