Xbox One Cases Put The Disc On The Wrong Side

by Mike Futter on Nov 15, 2013 at 03:48 AM

We really can’t explain this one. Since the dawn of the CD era, jewel cases have always been the same. The insert goes on the left. The disc goes on the right. Not anymore.

For some reason, at least one Xbox One case has switched things around. When you open the case, the disc is on the left.

Reader Ken McKown sent us this picture as proof, and we've seen others just like for different titles, like Call of Duty: Ghosts. What do you think? Is this an insignificant change that you can roll with, or does this throw your entire world view into upheaval?


Our Take
Inserts are far less important than they used to be. The printed video game manual is all but extinct. Perhaps moving the disc to the other side is a way to subtly communicate the importance of the media. Or maybe it’s just change for the sake of change.