Wince As A PlayStation 4 Gets Blown To Bits

by Mike Futter on Nov 15, 2013 at 02:57 AM

Here in America, we love our explosions and our firearms. What we don’t love is a brand new game console on the receiving end. Unfortunately, that’s just what happens in the video below.

Buffalo, New York radio station 1033 The Edge on-air personality Josh Potter brought a new, boxed PlayStation 4 to the Niagara Gun Range. Apparently, he and the station didn’t get enough Twitter followers and they’re taking it out on the poor piece of technology.

See what 10 pounds of explosives detonated by a bullet can do to a PlayStation 4. If the Shredd and Ragan show didn’t get likes and follows before, I don’t expect it will do so now.

Rest in peace, poor PlayStation 4.


Our Take
I’ve never understood blending, shooting, or detonating a coveted piece of technology. Just think how happy one less fortunate person could have been made by receiving that console. This is wasteful, and while I’m a fan of explosions, this just seems silly.