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Reader Discussion: What Was Your Favorite Game Console Launch?

by Matt Miller on Nov 15, 2013 at 08:55 AM

As the circle of console life begins once again, we look back and ask you to share your favorite platform launch stories.

There’s a special kind of excitement for gamers about a new console launch. The months of anticipation combine with the excitement of finally witnessing the new technology and games – plus, it’s a shared enthusiasm for the next generation of games that we can all chat about with each other, whether we’re getting the new systems or not. 

What has been your favorite console launch? Did you ever sit outside in the cold for hours to be there for a midnight launch? Get a long-anticipated new console for a birthday or Christmas in the weeks after they all sold out at launch? Or maybe you have a story of disappointment, where a new console didn’t turn out how you hoped?

Share your console launch stories in the comments below.