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The Consoles Strike Back In This Fantastic T-Shirt

by Isaac Perry on Nov 14, 2013 at 09:50 AM

The console war is getting some extra attention recently, and designer Radscoolian wraps all the silly fighting pretty well into a t-shirt. I’m a personal fan of the sackboy hanging from the AT-AT/Xbox One.

Let me clear the air by saying that the console war might be totally different from Star Wars, but the design does make it fun to imagine it in Star Wars terms.  Maybe the AT-AT/Xbox Ones represent the good guys. The sackboys wielding the PlayStation firepower could be in league with the sith. Who’s to say?

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Eight hours remain for you to pick up the $12 Console Wars II t-shirt. If you’re interested in more, see how the kids from South Park handle the console war.