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New Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Starfighter Screens, Art, And Trailer

by Katie Seville on Nov 14, 2013 at 02:30 PM

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BioWare has released a flood of new information, screens, concept art, and a trailer for Galactic Starfighter, the upcoming DLC for it's Free-to-Play MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Galactic Starfighter pits players against one another in 12v12, free-flight dogfights between the Empire and the Republic.

Players earn experience, called "requisition" in Galactic Starfighter, by competing in battles and progressing. By gaining requisition, players unlock additional weapons, powers, and abilities to customize their starfighters. The game features a variety of battle modes, locales, crew members, roles, and starfighters to choose from, as well as aesthetic customization options for each type of starfighter.

Players can specialize in a number of different ship roles, and can fight on teams with their companions from the ground game or choose from an assortment of new crew members, each of whom has his or her own set of skills. One of these crew members can fill the role of copilot to utilize their active abilities, while the remaining members fill a Support Crew and provide passive ability bonuses.

By playing Galactic Starfighter, players can even earn additional experience and Credits to benefit their characters in the ground game.

Access to Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Starfighter is open to subscribers on December 3rd, Preferred Status players on January 14th, and all players on February 4th. All players will receive two new pilot suits, but additional content is available for subscribers and Preferred Status Players. Visit the Galactic Starfighter website for more information on bonus content and other features.