How To Get Your PS4 Updated Even If The Servers Meltdown

by Matthew Kato on Nov 14, 2013 at 02:56 AM

Update: Here's the correct link to the PS4 1.5 system update that you'll need when you get your system.

The update can be found if you scroll down to the "Update Using a Computer" section and click on the "Download Now" button. The file is a little over 300 MB.

Sorry for the confusion.


Original Story: The PlayStation 4 won't exactly be that until you download the system's 1.5 firmware update which enables some key system features. Here's how you can get the crucial update and avoid the day-one assault on Sony's servers.

The update allows the system to act as a Blu-Ray player and enables online multiplayer, game recording, and much more.

The file size was just over 850 MB, although Sony has previously said the update itself is 300 MB. Either way, it didn't take long to download. Unfortunately, we didn't have a PlayStation 4 to install it on. However, if our past experiences with PlayStation hardware updates via flash drives is any indication, it shouldn't be a big deal. BTW, the nesting folder structure with the appropriate names is very important, otherwise the system won't be able to find the file.

Here are Sony's instructions for the entire process.



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