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Reader Discussion: Do You Have Any Rituals Or Habits In Advance Of Console Launches?

by Mike Futter on Nov 13, 2013 at 09:12 AM

The PlayStation 4 launch is just a few days away, and last week I compulsively started cleaning my office. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely needed to be straightened up a bit, but the timing was suspicious.

I started thinking about past console launches and realized that I tidy up right before each one. I think about where the console will go in the entertainment center, brainstorm how best to keep as many components connected as possible, and rewire as necessary.

At that moment I realized that I ritualized console launches. We’re wondering if you have any habits or traditions that you do before bringing a new piece of technology into your game space. 

If not, this cycle is a perfect time to start. You don’t really want to put new hardware on a dusty surface, do you?