You'll Always Know How Rare Your PlayStation 4 Trophies Are

by Mike Futter on Nov 12, 2013 at 02:02 AM

Have you ever wondered whether that PlayStation trophy you just earned is a gimme or something worth crowing about? Now you don't have to scroll through your friends' trophies to find out.

The PlayStation 4 will offer a dynamic trophy-rarity system. On your trophy screen, you'll see a classification that identifies a trophy as common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare, according to a Sony representative. We saw this yesterday morning during a user experience briefing here in New York City.

The rarity will shift over time depending on how many players have earned the trophy, and it's conceivable that any given one could go in either direction. All of your trophies are displayed in the same place now, too. You'll see everything you've earned on PS3, Vita, and PS4 on one screen.

We've seen trophies pop up in a few games, and they seem to be more closely timed to the trigger activity. The slight lag on the other two platforms seems to have been eliminated.

We'll be able to share more once the 1.5 firmware update goes live. That should be no later than tomorrow.