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The PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.5 Is Live

by Mike Futter on Nov 12, 2013 at 03:35 PM

We are hard at work on our impressions of the PlayStation 4, and the all-important firmware update 1.5 is now live. Our PlayStation 4 units will now connect online, and we're taking a look at the new features we've just now unlocked.

Setting up a PSN account on the system was easy, and the real name privacy options for blanket use were presented clearly. Facebook connection allowed us to import a real picture, and configuring the PlayStation Camera for facial recognition took seconds.

Trophies synced quickly, and we can see all of our PS4, PS3, and Vita trophies in one place. All of them are rated for rarity, not just the PlayStation 4 trophies.

We'll be taking your questions in a little bit, so stay tuned. All in all, the update and installation process only took us about 10 minutes, though the servers aren't exactly congested right now. We'll have more on the PlayStation 4 shortly, along with a major impressions piece in the morning.