Valve Starts Home Streaming Group In Advance Of Beta

by Matthew Kato on Nov 11, 2013 at 04:10 AM

Valve has started the first step towards starting a beta for its in-home, computer-to-computer streaming initiative tied to its Steam Machines.

Interested gamers have to sign up for the In-Home Streaming Steam group, and the company will start picking people from the group for a beta later this year.

The group listing doesn't mention the upcoming Steam Machines specifically, but streaming your existing PC titles to the Linux-based SteamOS of the Steam Machines is a big feature for the evolution of the Steam service.

[Source: Valve via GameSpot]


Our Take:
It's interesting to contrast Valve's full-steam ahead (no pun intended, really) view of streaming gaming with Microsoft's recent attempt to pump the brakes on it for Xbox One.